Pelintekoa Suomessa ulkomaalaissilmin osa 4: harhailua kantakaupungissa, painottomuutta metsästämässä

20.05.2010 13:45 | Jukka O. Kauppinen

Suomalainen Trials HD oli viime vuoden suurimpia hittejä Xbox Live Arcade -palvelussa. Peli äänestettiin niin vuoden 2009 parhaaksi Xbox Live Arcade -peliksi että vuoden 2009 parhaaksi suomipeliksi.

Brittikaksikko Lee Rowlands ja Henry Tofts viettivät Suomessa kuukauden askarrellen peliin uusia ratoja. eDomen julkaisemassa matkapäiväkirjassa suomalaista elämää ja pelintekoa tarkkaillaan kuukauden ajan kulttuurishokkien värittämän hauskanpidon kautta. Neljännessä osassa kaksikko eksyy kantakaupunkiin ja etsii painottomuuden salaisuuksia.


Trials-päiväkirja julkaistaan englanninkielisenä. Jokaisen osan alussa on Red Lynxin Antti Ilvessuon lyhyt suomenkielinen alustus.


Journey to Finland!

Lee Rowland & Henry Tofts

This journal was written by Lee Rowland and Henry Tofts about their time in Finland. It consists solely of their own thoughts and impressions of their experience in Finland, and was not edited in any way by anyone at RedLynx. We thought you would enjoy their feelings and insights into what it feels like to visit and work in Finland for the first time, and how we do things here. – Antti / Red Lynx

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Lokakuun ensimmäisenä lauantaina pojat päättävät lähteä kävellen Pasilasta Helsingin keskustaan. Leenreipashenkinen ajatus johtaa pahaan eksymiseen ja lähes neljän tunnin harhailuun kantakaupungin kortteleissa.Syksyn sateet ovat saapuneet kaupunkiin, joten pojat päättävät viettää tämänkin sunnuntain toimistolla ratojahioen. Lee löytää hämmästyksekseen chilillä maustettua salmiakkia.

Maanantaina Henry asettelee valoja Paddle Wizard skillgame -kenttään ja Leen 8 Bit Trip -kenttä on muuttunutSebbbin käsittelyssä uuden kameran kera 1 Bit Trip -nimiseksi. Tiistaina Henry valmistelee erästä hard -vaikeustason rataa ja Lee koittaa luoda tuulen avulla painovoimattomuuden tunnetta uutta kenttää varten.Torstai -aamupäivä vietettiin kypärä päässä ja loppupäivästä Antin niska kipeytyi hänen halatessaan erästätyökaveriaan pää alaspäin.


03/10/09 – Saturday



Got lost in Helsinki today after Lee thought it was a good idea to walk to the capital from Pasila. Eating our only map probably wasn’t the best idea. 3 ½ hours later and we arrive at the cinema in city centre.

Watched District 9. Alien language in Finnish subtitles…..



Decided to walk into Helsinki centre today. Theory is to follow the train tracks from Pasila station and we’ll end up there. Wrong! We inevitably got lost… for over 2 hours! Wandering about in the cold. A kind Finnish guy helped us out and we got to the centre at 2pm. We left the hotel at 10.30am!!

Watched District 9 at the cinema. Good movie. Had a strong video game vibe to it, probably in the way the main character developed skills throughout. Great main actor too.

Need to think of some track ideas to use the style I’ve been working on. Will start properly on Monday, but for now I can test things out.


04/10/09 – Sunday



Thinking of heading into the office later this afternoon to play some games and get some decent play testing in for the target hunter level. Going to draw the layout of the pinball machine and add with a highlighter the targets themselves. Makes the entire tuning process a damn sight easier.



It rained all last night and rained all day today. Then it rained some more. Large puddles/ small lakes everywhere! Even the traffic lights have failed because of it!

Went into work to do some ideas on the new track.

Bit stumped on what to do on the racing line but I did some of it. Whether it is worth keeping is unknown at the moment. It’s smooth but not particularly challenging. It needs something to stand out really. I guess some feedback tomorrow will help it take on a more coherent style.

Saw some other flavours of licorice today. Sour, salty or chili anyone?!!


05/10/09  – Monday
9.00am – 7.30pm



All of the targets have been added now to the giant pinball level. The level is definitely starting to look like a pinball machine now, which is always a good start. This particular map for lighting might need one of the new flare lights which provide just a light source without a physical model. Not sure however if it will make the build in time.



Start of another week. The work I’d been doing on my track has gone down really well. Just the end needs working on. Came up with a very cool idea where you crash into a room which then collapses under you. Surprisingly, it works perfectly and I’m very happy with it JWhile the racing line is done I just need to decorate the environment. This is taking some time as it is made of many small pieces.

Saw the new custom camera for what is now called 1 Bit Trip. Sebbi said that technically 1-bit is only two colours, so it makes sense to change the name. It looks awesome! Need to tweak the level a little, but great otherwise.

Fixed ‘Dangerous Ride’ track and added a few more details.


06/10/09 – Tuesday
9.00 – 8.00pm



I completed the pinball skill game I was working on this morning and I am currently ¾ of the way into a hard racing track. The overall look and design of this hard track I had down on paper before I arrived just as a concept. I also have a bit of research material on the look of steel factories and smelting plants to help with this. The general driving line needs a little refining and a suitable final section but overall I am feeling quite happy with this track. Most tracks are over in under a minute, which is nothing when you think about the number of hours that go into creating a fun and nice looking track. This of course is with no faults but I like to stop the player or slow them down in someway and have a memorable section to go with it.



Finished my ‘Shady Complex’ track today. I’m really proud of it and its fun to play. Looks good too!

Was given the new Ski Jump level to decorate next. Not a huge fan of it as it’s basically just a large expanse of space with little decoration. It’s much more open though. I finished it in an afternoon.

Now on to my 8th track. It’s to be on a space station and uses lots of wind to create a low gravity effect. I don’t think it plays that well just yet this way so I need to have a think about wind placement.

Although RedLynx won’t be going to the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds, Henry and I should be going. It should be a good place for contacts and to see cool new gamesJ


07/10/09 – Wednesday
9.00am – 8.00pm



The hard track I was working on today is finished. Minor improvements to the driving line need to be done but otherwise its looking good. Two more maps remain to be done, a down the stairs skill game and one more hard track. The last remaining hard track Antti is building as it will possibly be an old Trials 2 track remade for Trials HD. I think I have a disturbing talent in killing the rider in multiple ways. Not sure if that’s a good thing to put on my CV.



Had a fresh look at the space station track. Although I’m still not convinced that using the wind to create a low gravity effect works totally, I’ll keep at it.

Worked on a decorating style before working on a racing line. Started to build a huge space station/ battle cruiser structure which is starting to look really cool. The jumps on the racing line are parts of the ship and are quite tame as Trials stunts go, but due to the wind, play differently to any other track.

I have the start inside the ship with regular gravity then the player goes ‘outside’ into zero G. I need to add some visual cues to signify this to the player. The standard racing line will then end inside once more. A second hidden ending will require the player to Bail Out and float into a finish target. It needs to be near the end and well hidden.


08/10/09 – Thursday
9.00am – 8.30pm



Eventful day today in the office. Today was ‘Wear a helmet to work’ day. We were provided Second World War helmets and mine was an SS trooper’s. Noticed an interesting observation about Sebbi when he walks into our office room.

  1. Has a can of Battery
  2. Usually clicks his fingers
  3. Pushes back his long hair repeatedly
  4. Removes the key from Antti’s storage cupboard then puts it back in again
  5. Plays with the pin shaper on Antti’s desk.

The down the stairs game mode is getting there but still facing the same glitch at the moment with objects colliding/intersecting with the rider. The problem occurs when the rider falls from a height at speed then gets stuck in the levels scenery. I will have to reduce the falling speed of the rider after bailing out from the bike so that you don’t hit the ground so hard. Fun day out tomorrow, drinking, Go Karting and chilling out.

Antti nearly broke his neck today in a wrestling / hugging incident with Ville. The computer chair went backwards with them both then Ville slammed Antti into the corner. Antti claims he went over to hug Ville, Ville denies this as lies all lies.





Antti decided that today would be ‘wear a helmet to work day’ and handed out army helmets to everyone in the room.

What followed was an hour or so of all of us working quietly, helmets on, as if everything was completely normal.

Sebbi walks in and doesn’t even comment on the scene as if this is totally normal!

I asked Antti how and why he and his brother Atte named the company RedLynx. Turns out that Antti’s surname means ‘Lynx Swamp’ in English, so he took the animal part and added the colour red for effect.

Antti and Ville had another one of their friendly battles. However, it was Antti that came off worse this time! Instead of Ville being knocked over the head by a giant inflatable cactus once more, he somehow managed to pick Antti up and piledriver him in the corner of the room! Much moaning from Antti followed as he slowly regained the use of his body and popped his neck back into shape!

Got my space station almost complete. It has a fun faster secret ending. The wind needs tweaking, but otherwise, the track looks great. Very like my custom Tanker track it terms of it being one huge structure which you race over.