ASD voitti Assembly 2011 -demokilpailun – taas

08.08.2011 13:15 | Jukka O. Kauppinen

Kuva: Korpi / HBC, grafiikkakilpailun voittaja

Assembly Summer 2011 -tapahtuma järjestettiin männä viikolla 4-7.8.2011. Perinteiseen tapaan digifestivaalit huipentuivat demokisoihin, joiden voiton vei ainakin neljättä kertaa Andromeda Software Development.

Demoskabatulokset näyttävät tältä:

(sijoitus, pisteet, teos/tekijä)

[ Fast music competition ]

1   2021p   Ennennäkemättömät bileet rölimetsässä by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto

2   1307p   Maxymised arps by Rebb/TRSi^Paradise

3   1270p   VVC-Ankka by 1nsane

4   914p    Another Piece by Datafox

5   707p    Somewhat Progressive by Aoe

6   678p    puuhöylä by puu ja höylä

7   672p    All the time in the world by FLD/r00t3d

8   671p    Song of Joy by Puti

9   637p    budubidu by vikbez

10  631p    zimmerhimmel by cce

11  627p    a happy assembly visitor by luuk / 6th Fire

12  581p    Don’t change the chords in the middle of the compo you goshdarn gravybutts by Pirate Crew

13  535p    Wookiemonster on holiday by szura szurkea

14  390p    Metalworks by Dazzler

15  285p    Syöveröinen notko by Jaksary

16  272p    Kaamee kapula by OLO/Radarski

[ Fast graphics competition ]

1   3304p   Scorched Earth by Korpi / HBC

2   2737p   bzm express by john peeba

3   1703p   MINUUTTI!!!!! by Surround

4   1568p   Little Fright in 3…2…1… by Charlotta Tiuri

5   1209p   Fragile landing by Dumis

6   1158p   Last minute of freedom by JOmplet

7   878p    Self Portrait by juriga

8   790p    The wheels have stopped turning by Zagupi / HBC

9   713p    Last Minute on Earth by Dekus

10  639p    Pompeli by Kundokaani

11  571p    Last Flight by Random

12  550p    fuuu_seuraava_laiva_tulee_2vkon_paasta by Onis

13  502p    Killer Called Fernando by MacGywer/npli

14  499p    Boozetasking fail by offwhite – with a little help from my friends

15  449p    Never enough time by Irah

16  438p    Viime tipassa by McLad

17  437p    Countdown for Better or for Worse by maxon / HBC

18  414p    Last minute morning routine by Sibane

19  239p    The End of Time by Mig26

20  171p    Red End by na

21  88p     Slipping away by Vehje

[ Graphics competition ]

1   3784p   Call to Prayer by Korpi / HBC

2   1738p   Drawing Attention by Mazor of Fairlight

3   1696p   Steam Shock by Surround

4   1434p   Middleman Crisis by maxon / HBC

5   1433p   Ou Hai by MacGywer/npli

6   1294p   Orbital Breakfast by Darkki

7   1045p   Dive by Vablo

8   685p    A Voyage To The Slumberland by Kinnerean

9   547p    Uhrimenot Lierokallion solassa by juhone

10  537p    Sunrise by Partikle

11  495p    Virtual Fighter by E-V-M

12  314p    Hide in the Blue by Olli Etuaho

13  281p    Katuväkivaltaa by john peeba

14  259p    You picked the wrong legendary kung-fu grandmaster to mug by flumba

[ Music competition ]

1   2087p   Tiananmen Ghost by Aikapallo

2   1338p   Demoluola by Koneisto 11111011011

3   961p    Two Cars, One Cup by Signal

4   846p    Northern legends by JPT

5   811p    Kakkonen on Kekkonen by Rewind (feat. Lady GT)

6   700p    FAST-FORWARDING THRU HELL by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto

7   597p    Soaring On Wings Of Steel by GRiMM

8   576p    Flatline by DJ Joge of Brainstorm

9   550p    Picante (refix) by Yolk/CNCD feat. Busy Signal

10  420p    Freljordian Beauty by fluffy&fragile

11  354p    Snap out of it! by ruuvari/aspekt

12  339p    Dark Myth by Mr. Rose

13  316p    forgotten tune by microdots

14  270p    Behind the LCD by Janne

[ Extreme music competition ]

1   1351p   Megamies sienimetsällä. by Reaby

2   1325p   Crackers Revenge (YM AHOI!) by Rebb/TRSi^Paradise

3   1310p   Wasted Years by jammic

4   1308p   The Last Level of 8-bitness by Laser Berger / Tekotuotanto

5   1041p   1.662607 MHz Turbo Supercar by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto

6   654p    Horse Heads and Gray Biscuits by Man With No Alias

7   623p    KASARITORVET? MITENNI? by kaikkien mutsit, lasipurkkimies

8   572p    Burn by Slimex

9   505p    Warp to the Present by Datafox

10  438p    Digital Beer by r00t3d

11  438p    Drifting 32k Higher by DJ Joge of Brainstorm

12  434p    during the night by luuk / 6th Fire

13  432p    Reckless Decades by Warlord

14  345p    hurja retkuretki by cce

15  263p    Last minute by tvs/npli

[ 4k intro competition ]

1   7201p   anglerfish by cubicle

2   6086p   coder porn! by archee

3   2694p   Cloudlight by Traction

4   2476p   Terraformers by Digimind & Silent

5   2243p   invaders by Peisik

6   1907p   Line Mania by PuavoHard

7   1732p   Nelejän Kilon Nakki by XZM & tAAt

8   1128p   Dirty Garden by Faemiyah

9   985p    Megademo by TDA

10  534p    DayDream by Blobtrox

11  488p    colors by lucid

[ Oldskool demo competition ]

1   9888p   Chaotic by Dekadence

2   8002p   Human Resistance by PWP

3   6863p   See Sharp by Fit

4   2664p   Mind Control Trilogy preview by Bilotrip

[ Short film competition ]

1   9223p   Airshow by Tekotuotanto

2   7900p   I accidentally two Holy Grails by Damn Creepers

3   2374p   Why Is There No Animation Combo? by SirRandom

4   2280p   Gravity by Pistoke

5   1510p   Gold Rush by GoldRush -team: Daniel Palmi, Juri Jablokov, Ville Suotamo, Mikko Aaltonen, Sakari Niitymaa, Jyri Jernström

6   1294p   Best Wishes by HBC

7   796p    Muukalaisia Yössä by Randomheads

8   539p    The Face of Singularity by XETEK&red-

[ Real wild demo competition ]

1   11031p  Leds Party by A2058

2   5104p   Cubes Of Babylon by Evoflash

3   3683p   brause peak by inversion

4   3604p   Yarrduino by kordets

5   1905p   I want less by Primitive

6   1007p   Clockwork by Wide Load

[ Demo competition ]

1   8711p   Spin by Andromeda Software Development

2   7684p   uncovering static (64k) by fairlight & alcatraz

3   3235p   Luna : Reactivation by Vovoid

4   2458p   Fermion by Kewlers

5   1783p   Grandma by Rustbloom

6   954p    Geomtry by Division

7   931p    Unhallowed by Pyrotech

8   634p    Refaktor by adapt

9   627p    Platonic Love by .fail

10  438p    LazyBeat by KoomaDot


Spin by Andromeda Software Development

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