Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhoodin seuraavassa DLC:ssä etsitään Da Vinciä, sisältyy PC-versioon

25.02.2011 13:00 Jukka O. Kauppinen

Maaliskuun alussa julkaistava Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood -toimintaseikkailun neljäs DLC-laajennus on nimeltään The Da Vinci Disappearance, mistä vekkulit pelaajat voivatkin päätellä sen tarjoamien mysteerien sisältöä. Luvassahan on hurja seikkailu, joka alkaa ACB:n Sequence 7 -kohtauksen jälkeen. Pelottava kultti on siepannut Leonardon! Ezio, apuun!

Leonardon jälkeensä jättämän hätäisän vihjeen perusteella Ezio de Auditore aloittaa Leonardo Da Vincin etsinnän, kohdaten matkallaan taas kerran pelottavan houkuttelevan Lucrezia Borgian ja muita jo kertaalleen menneisyyteen jätettyjä hahmoja.

Seikkailullisten elementtien lisäksi DLC esittelee Hazard-nimisen minipelin, joka on itse asiassa 1500-luvulla suosittu noppapeli.

Ubisoft toimitti lisäristä myös mittavan kyssärin, jota emme kuitenkaan ryhdy kääntämään tai julkaisemaan erikseen. Kyssäri siis ohessa alkuperäiskielellään.

Who is Salai?
Salai is the long-time assistant and protégé of Leonardo; he is believed to be the model of Leo’s Portrait of an Old Man and a Youth, John the Baptist and Mon Salai paintings. A notorious gambler, he was described as a ”thief, a liar, stubborn, and a glutton” by Leonardo himself. Salai is believed to have stolen money and valuables on at least five occasions, spent a fortune on apparel and died in a duel. He was Leonardo’s assistant for thirty years and – at his master’s death, was bequeathed the Mona Lisa. In Brotherhood, Salai steals Leonardo’s paintings, which Ezio must find to locate Leonardo.

What is Belriguardo and why is Ezio venturing there?
Ezio must track some of Leonardo’s painting who were stolen by Lucrezia Borgia’s husband, Ferrara, and are now believed to be in his castle, Belriguardo. The Belriguardo castle ”Delizia di Belriguardo”, is a masterpiece of the architect Giovanni Da Siena, under the commitment in 1435 of Niccolo III d’Este and was the real summer place of the Este government. It was, at its best, like a little Italian Versailles. Ezio will have to infiltrate the castle without being detected to find the paintings. This mission will require Ezio’s best free-running skills and stealth abilities.

Does the DLC include Trophy/Achievement support?
Yes, The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC includes 10 Achievement/Trophy in the Singleplayer portion of the game for you to discover and unlock!

What is included in the multiplayer component of the DLC?
Animus Project Update 3.0 includes one new map, Alhambra, four new characters and new modes. It is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood biggest addition to our award winning multiplayer.

With Byzantine influences and considered as a ”pearl set in emeralds”, Alhambra stands as a paradise on earth among the lush environment of Spain’s Albaycin of Granada. The Nasride Palace is a unique environment that includes multileveled indoor and outdoor zones. Built around the Court of Lions, it invites for relentless acrobatic free-running in between the court’s window and intricate corridors. Leveraging of its labyrinth design, predators will be lurking in the dense crowd for unsuspecting targets. To dominate, recruits must use all of their skills and abilities to track their targets.

The Dama Rossa
Tempting her victims with a killer smile, the Dama Rossa delivers true love’s eternal kiss. She doesn’t like to keep her prey in suspense. She lets down her hair, stopping their lovesick hearts with a knife.
The Knight
Cloaked in gleaming armor, the Knight marches forward, cutting down all foes with his heavy blade. Those who flee are shot, while the brave, who stay and fight, fall to his sword. But what of the cowards who surrender? The Knight gladly becomes their executioner.
The Marquis
Dueling with his enemies day and night, the Marquis never loses. Although a believer in the chivalric code, he does not practice it, using his sword to slice his startled opponents in the back.
The Pariah
The Pariah lurks in the shadows, his ghastly scars hidden from view behind a pristine porcelain face, beckoning partygoers. No mask, no worries. After a few shots from his gun, the Pariah will bestow the death-mask himself.

Description of the ”Escort” Mode
Two teams of 4 players compete in this team-based mode. Each match consists of two 5 minute rounds.
Each team must protect or assassinate designed VIP targets. The HUNTERS need to kill VIP targets, they can only stun the PROTECTORS. The PROTECTORS need to protect the VIP along a path and kill the HUNTERS. They score each time a VIP reaches a Checkpoint.
The highest team’s score wins – the quality of kills raises the team’s score.
Description of the ”Assassinate” Mode
Free for all, where 6-8 players are pitted against each other. Each match consist of one 10 minute round.
Your objective is to identify other Templars. Potential targets are marked on your compass. Observe suspicious behavior and try to assassinate targets without exposing yourself. To secure a contract, you must lock on a target.

The Da Vinci Disappearance sisältyy maaliskuussa julkaistavaan PC-versioon.

Uutisen lopussa oleva kuvagalleria The Da Vinci Disappearance -laajennuksesta.

Lisätietoja: http://assassinscreed.uk.ubi.com/brotherhood

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