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24.10.2011 14:30 Jukka O. Kauppinen

Prince of Persia -pelien luoja Jordan Mechner on koostanut pelihistorialliset muistelmansa sähköisessä kirjamuodossa. The Making of Prince ofPersia – Journals 1985-1993 on yli 300-sivuinen teos, jossa Mechner sukeltaa historian uumeniin muun muassa alkuperäisten muistiinpanojensa kautta.

Seitsemän vuotta Prince of Persia -pelien kehittämistä, siinä on ollut melkoinen urakka, joka ehdittiin kertaalleen haudatakin epätoivoisessa ”ei tästä tule ikinä mitään” -fiiliksissä.

Kirjan voi ostaa digitaalisesti joko PDF:nä tai Amazon Kindle-kirjana 7,99 eurolla.

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Lainaus kirjasta:

MARCH 20, 1986

”Negotiation with Broderbund has dragged on so long and gotten  so frustrating, it’s pretty much cured me of any lingering sentimental  feelings of being part of the “Broderbund family.” I still feel a$ection 23 for Doug and Gary, but the reality is, it’s a corporation. To the people  I’m actually dealing with, it’s just business.

Mom  just  showed me  an  article  in  Venture magazine  about  how  Electronic Arts gave Timothy Leary a $100,000 advance for his new  game. Why am I still talking to Broderbund?   MARCH 28, 1986

Bill McDonagh called to tell me that Karateka has sold a quarter of a  million units in its !rst month of release in Japan.   JULY 7, 1986

Got a call from Ed Badasov at Broderbund.

“I understand you want to come out here,” he said. I explained: “I !gure it’ll take me a year to do the game, so what I’d  like to do is relocate to the Bay Area. If I could stay with someone  for the !rst couple of weeks until I !nd an apartment, that’d be a  big help.”

He asked if the project was a sequel to Karateka. When I told him it 26 wasn’t, his enthusiasm dimmed noticeably. I felt like I was talking to  a studio executive.   AUGUST 2, 1986

I told Ed Badasov I’d like to design Karateka II for them.  He said: “We already have two designers, Gene and Lauren. We don’t need  a third. After all, designing  it  is something that, basically, anyone  can do.”

As  for  royalty, he o$ered 3% — one-!fth of  the original  rate —  and seemed to think that is basically a gift and they are doing me  a huge favor.28

He went so far as to point out that they could release Karateka II un- der a di$erent title and pay me nothing, and word would get around  that it was in fact an uno%cial sequel to Karateka, so they’d still ben- e!t from Karateka’s success without having to pay me a royalty. I’m proud of myself for not having lost my temper.

Dad advised me to hold out for 15%, the same as on Karateka. I’d be  happy with 10%, which is what Doug Smith got on Championship  Lode Runner. But I don’t think they’ll give that much.

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