SDCC 2018: Yleisö hurrasi, kun Deadpool vihdoinkin tappoi vauva-Hitlerin

22.07.2018 19:25 | Muropaketin toimitus

San Diegon Comic-Conin messuvieraat pääsivät näkemään ensimmäisinä kohtauksia Deadpool 2:n pidemmästä versiosta.

Io9-sivuston mukaan Comic-Conissa esitettiin valittuja maistiaisia Deadpool 2:n tulevasta Super Duper $@%!#& Cut -versiosta. Uusien kohtausten joukossa oli valkokangasversiosta leikattu loppuhuipennus, jossa Deadpool tappoi Adolf Hitlerin tämän ollessa vauva.

Toimittaja Germain Lussier kuvailee Hitler-kohtausta seuraavasti:

We’re in an old nursery and Deadpool says “Boy howdy, this is touchy” as he approaches a crib. In the crib is an adorable baby, wiggling around as babies do. One of the baby’s arms is over his head and Deadpool remarks that he’s “practicing a little salute,” but can’t quite do it. “This is so much harder than I thought,” he says. He paces. He grabs his head. “I’m going to hell. Well, that makes two of us,” he jokes. “This is crazy, this is crazy,” he debates out loud. Only then do we see the name on the nursery: “A. Hitler.”

And then he does it. In a point of view shot from the baby’s perspective, we see Deadpool’s hands come right at the camera as if he’s going to choke the baby. “Maximum effort,” he says. And that was the end.

And with that, Hall H at Comic-Con ripped into shocked, excited applause. Many even rose to their feet, both for the scene and for the entire panel, which had a few other interesting tidbits as well.

Deadpool 2:n pidennetty versio julkaistaan Yhdysvalloissa elokuussa.

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