Deus Ex: Human Revolutionin uusi traileri näyttää miltä peli oikeasti näyttää

18.11.2010 19:34 Jukka O. Kauppinen

Mikä upea päivä. Ensin loistavia kuvia uudesta Deus Existä. Sitten ns. gameplay traileri, joka näyttää aitoa kuvaa pelistä itsestään. Voisiko vanha Deus Ex -fani enää enempää toivoa? Jos tätä Höystettäisiin vaikkapa hieman lisätiedoilla pelistä? Saamanne pitää!

Squaren tekijät kertovat pelistä seuraavasti, lontoonkielellä:

  • Tarinaan vaikuttavien päätösten tekemisestä: Some choices will be presented in ways that the outcome will be more obvious but, a lot of choices will be more or less hidden in the challenges you face and in the narrative. Depending on how you react, later outcomes will vary. We didn’t want to make a game where all the choices are telegraphed because it makes the choice more often than not based on how you want to boost your character as opposed as being immersed in the fantasy of the game. It’s definitely more subtle than a lot of games.
  • Pelaajan parantumisesta: When you take damage your health goes down. If you have being hit for ”x” seconds, than it starts to regenerate somewhat slowly. It’s not as quick as games like Halo or CoD. You really need to stay out of the firing zone otherwise you won’t last long. When in trouble, you can use consumables (if you have any) to replenish it faster or to boost your health when it’s already full.
  • Hakkeroinnista: Every hacking session is different. Based on your level of hacking augmentations, the chances that the Sub-Routine will detect you will vary. And each time, you need to adapt to what happens. Also, there are some rewards (credits, virus programs, etc.) that can be accessed but always while managing the Sub-Routine system trying to catch you. So, it becomes a game of adaptation and  how much risks are you willing to take to get additional rewards.
  • Esineiden käyttämisestä NPC-hahmojen hämäämiseksi: You’ll be able to use different types of boxes to distract NPCs indeed. If you’re referring to things like a pencil or a glass the answer is no. We have a very detailed and rich world to discover so we had to make some tradeoffs in terms of the scope of interactive objects in order to keep a smooth framerate.


Lisää upeita pelivideoita eDomen videokanavalta osoitteesta https://www.youtube.com/user/wwweDomenet.

Lisätietoja: http://www.deusex.com/

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